Wednesday, March 4, 2009


In all pursuits, there are many distractions set along the path to derail you...

Some of these distractions are good. For example, not too long ago I crept up to Toronto to visit with a dear friend of mine who recently settled there. She showed us the city; we caught up; it was an amazing time.

Other distractions are not as good. I must admit that I've had some "professional" dealings of late that have had me swerving.

I'll get into both of these highs and lows in the coming days - maybe tonight if I can keep this thunder - but I'm happy to say, "I'm back!"

Shout outs to Sharyn TG, uber-funny reporter for The Kitty City Gazette, who checked in to see if I was still on the planet not too long ago, and other friends who reached out to me via cell or email with questions along the same line - all is well! February was just a month that was chock-full of distractions.

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