Saturday, November 7, 2009

Good Things Come...

What's the longest you've ever waited to see something you're working on come to light? I'm not talking massive, life-altering things that you expect to take time like quitting smoking or memorizing pi, but simple things that you thought would take practically no time at all.

I love IMDb, truly, and think that they offer a great service that is valuable for both fans and entertainment professionals alike. However, sometimes meeting the rigorous quality controls they put in place to ensure the accuracy of information in their system can be akin to achieving embassy clearance.

It took more than six months before the small bit I did on Law & Order: Conviction made their cut, and I've been trying to get another movie added for a friend since March. I also just noticed that my friend Jeff Burns appears to have multiple listings, meaning that somehow despite the checks, he's made it in there - as two people! Wonder how long fixing that will take...

Here's to hoping that good things - great things even - DO come to those who wait!

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